The integrated nature of industry supply chains should be a source of competitive advantage for the UK if the industry sectors work together to deliver innovative new supply chains. Figure 13 shows the UK Composites Supply Chain and the interconnectivity between the chemistry and materials companies, and end users in automotive and aerospace sectors. Ensuring that new innovations are delivered to these downstream sectors by the Chemistry Council community will strengthen all parts of the supply chain and provide security of supply of critical raw materials.

The Chemistry Council Supply Chains Working Group is establishing connections with downstream sectors to identify opportunities and will work with the Chemistry Council Innovation Working Group to provide new materials for these sectors. The building of new supply chains will support growth and ensure security of strategic raw materials.

An example of this is the recent work of the Supply Chains Working Group connecting with downstream sectors to address the needs and opportunities of materials for batteries. The E4tech Report identified an opportunity for the chemical supply chain in this area valued at £2.7bn a year.

The Supply Chains Working Group will work with the Innovation Working Group to identify innovative product opportunities for batteries.