Driving Regional Economic Development

Increasing competitiveness of the location for existing manufacture and new manufacture by:

  •  Supporting unconventional gas production, such as shale gas.
  •  Introducing private wire network arrangements.
  •  Establishing Free Ports.

Facilitating inward investment by:

  •  Building marketing capabilities for each region.
  •  Ensuring strategic raw materials are in place, utilising new technology.

Supporting Clean Growth

Supporting Clean Growth by:

  •  Establishing regional Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation facilities.
  • Establishing regional Recycling Hubs for polymers and other materials.
  •  Supporting the development of local Hydrogen Economies.
  •  Supporting regional Industrial Symbiosis programmes.
  •  Providing business parks for SMEs to grow.
  •  Supporting new technology deployment with accelerator/demonstration facilities.