Chemistry Growth Partnership

The Chemistry Growth Partnership was formed following the recommendation of the Chemistry Growth Strategy Group, to oversee and ensure the development of an action plan to drive the implementation of the recommendations resulting from the Chemistry Growth Strategy, launched in October 2013 at the inaugural meeting of the Partnership. The Partnership is a joint industry/Government initiative, being led by industry for industry.


By 2030, the UK chemical industry will have further reinforced its position as the country’s leading manufacturing exporter and enabled the chemistry-using industries to increase their Gross Value Added contribution to the UK economy by 50%, from £195 billion to £300 billion. Secure and competitive energy and feedstock, accelerated innovation and strengthened supply chains will be critical in realising this vision.


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The chemicals sector is at the very foundation of the UK’s manufacturing industries and is behind a wide variety of products, ranging from lightweight polymers, through to medicines, clean drinking water and even the food we eat. It is a multi-billion pound industry that has significant exports and employs people in high-value and highly skilled jobs. The UK has a vibrant and competitive chemicals industry and has an important role to play in the transition to a low carbon economy. Therefore I’d like to thank the Chemistry Growth Strategy Group for bringing the sector together to produce this clear strategic vision for the sector.

The Government’s Industrial Strategy sets out an approach which looks 10, 20, 30 years into the future to how Government supports sectors and this industry-led strategy is an important contribution to the Government’s overall approach to industrial strategy. By taking this new, long-term approach, and working in partnership with business, we can give greater confidence for investment and growth - something that the whole country will benefit from.The vision in the strategy sets out a compelling case for action from both industry and government to secure and build upon our competitive advantage in the global chemicals market and deliver the growth and business opportunities identified in this report. I am therefore keen to work with industry to deliver this strategic vision for the benefit of the chemicals industry and UK economy as a whole.

Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP,
Minister of State for Business and Energy
Co-Chair, Chemistry Growth Partnership (until 2014)

In coming together as the Chemistry Growth Partnership, the UK chemicals industry can ensure that we continue to grow, to innovate and to export, and in doing so, to underpin the UK’s manufacturing base. I welcome the opportunity that the Partnership has given industry to work closely with government, in order to set out a long-term vision for the sector and act together to address the barriers to growth.

Neil Carson
Chief Executive, Johnson Matthey
Co-Chair, Chemistry Growth Partnership (until 2016)

The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP and Neil Carson, at Partnership launch